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The continuation of crack

Jay opened the door quietly. It had been about four hours since the left and it was dark outside.
“I don’t see them.” Jay said in a hushed voice. Everyone entered the cabin quietly. “Should I knock on their door?”
“No!” Spike said sharply. Johnathan sent a glare toward Spike.
“Why so mean?” Miranda asked.
“…all of you come here…” Spike said. He started whispering to the crowd with all of their heads gathered in.
“Aw!” Jay squealed and then looked impatiently at Johnathan.
“I want to help!” Miranda, Brianna, and Drake exclaimed. Spike face palmed.
In the room, Jessica heard their voices and started to wake up. She noticed arms around her and looked up.
“Hello there.” D.J. said.
“How long have we been sleeping?” Jessica asked, yawning.
“You’ve been sleeping for about mmmm…four hours.” He said.
“I don’t want them to start thinking like perverts… I’m going to say hi.” Jessica said getting out of the bed. She walked out not realizing her appearance. When she stepped out Miranda laughed and Jay’s jaw dropped. Johnathan and Drake just stared. Brianna pressed her lips into a hard line refraining from laughing and Spike called D.J. . When D.J. came out, everyone’s expression became normal.
“…well…he did come out later…” Drake commented.
“Yeah, he could have fixed himself.” Spike said and Brianna and Miranda started laughing.
“What is so funny?” Jessica asked, lost as to what was going on.
“Your sex hair is great Sica!” Brianna laughed.
“OH MY GOD YOU PERVERTS!” Jessica screamed.
“We got you food...” Miranda said handing Jessica the bag “Good night.” Everyone went to their rooms, leaving D.J. and Jessica alone to eat.
Jessica put her hair in a ponytail. “I wonder what they got us…” D.J. said awkwardly.
They went into the kitchen. “Chinese food” Jessica said “…it’s cold”
D.J. laughed “They had to drive about 2 hours to get back from the place; I think it should be cold.”
“True… I’m going to heat it up.” Jessica put the containers in the microwave.
D.J. snuck out of his seat and stood behind Jessica, snaking his hand around her into a back hug and kissed her cheek. He rested his chin on her head.
“What do you want to do this week?” D.J. asked rocking from side to side.
Jessica giggled “I want to do something weird…yeah.” She giggled some more.
“Mmmm what?” D.J. asked still rocking.
“I want to play my violin to the wildlife!” Jessica stated. “What kind of wildlife is here?”
“ Um, cows? Bison? Bulls?... something along those lines.” D.J. said.
“Oh…that will be interesting to…” the microwave sounded.
“Food!” D.J. exclaimed. They grabbed their forks and began to eat at the table.
Jessica forcefully put the fork on the table and looked up with exaggerated irritation. “Explain why I am friends with those perverts!”
D.J. almost choked on his food laughing at the scene in front of him. “What do you mean ‘explain’? They complete you and you know it.”
This statement caused Jessica’s face to become even more distorted “You know what would complete me? Them marrying off and keeping their perverted selves to themselves.”
D.J. frowned slightly “You don’t mean that, half of it anyway.”
“Don’t tell me what I mean.” Jessica hissed.
“Alright, fine.” D.J. said lifting his hands up in surrender. “Fine, you don’t want to laugh at their ridiculousness anymore and you don’t want the world to be balanced anymore.” He put his hands back down. “I get it.”
“It would be odd,” Jessica said “but you did not win this argument.”
“I wasn’t aware that there was an argument.” D.J. smiled and finished off his food. “So, how do you plan on marrying them off?”
Jessica laughed “I won’t have to do anything to help the process; they will all get married within the next five years.”
D.J. sat there waiting for Jessica to finish and then cleaned up making sure Jessica stayed at the table and called out from the kitchen “What do you think their weddings will be like?”
“Weird. They are all weird and your friends are weird too so their weddings would be more than strange.”
D.J. sat back down at the table. “You said they’ll all get married within the next five years, what about you?”
Jessica began playing with D.J.’s fingers. “I don’t know.”
“Well would you want to get married within five years?” D.J. looked at Jessica.
“Yes, it would be nice” Jessica cocked her eyebrow. “Again with the strange behavior, since when do weddings fascinate you?”
“Well darling, our relationship won’t stay interesting if we talk about colored pencils every day.” D.J. got up. “Honey, lets go to bed, now that we know you are capable of sharing a bed with me, let’s go sleep.”
Jessica stuck her tongue out at the shared bed comment. “We just finish taking a four hour nap. We won’t be able to sleep.”
“Correction, you took a four nap, I didn’t sleep at all.” D.J. said trying to prove a point.
Jessica side eyed him. “What did you do, watch me the whole time? Creeper.”
“You were so peaceful.” D.J. said defending himself. “…and that is beside the point, we had a long car ride and it was exhausting. If you lay down you will fall asleep.” He walked over and grabbed Jessica’s hand pulling her out of her seat. “Bed time, love.”
Once Jessica finished preparing for bed, she lay down and stared at the ceiling. The door clicked.
“Oh shit” Jessica squealed as D.J. jumped on top of her smiling as wide as he could.
“Sweet dreams honey!” Drake said and kissed Jessica before rolling off of her.
Jessica hit him with a pillow. “How the hell am I supposed to have sweet dreams if you just gave me a heart attack?”
D.J. laughed “I love you baby, goodnight.”
“I love you too” and with that D.J. turned the lights off.
D.J. woke up the next morning reaching for Jessica. He patted the empty mattress beside him. “Jessica where are you?” he groaned and rolled over to look at the clock; 6:02 A.M.. “Since when do you wake up this early?”
He put on a shirt and opened the bedroom door.
♫BabaDada BabaDada BabaDada BabaDada BabaDada♫
D.J. was awake now; the loud music replaced any need for coffee. He walked into the kitchen and saw Drake, Johnathan, and Spike, still in their pajamas standing there leaning against the counter drinking coffee and glaring forward.
“Do you want some?” Johnathan offered; D.J. denied. He leaned against the counter.
“Who knows?” Spike said pouring another cup of coffee.
“All of them probably have a copy so they can listen to the song and daydream about doing that!” Drake said pointing to the living room.
D.J. looked at him with a confused expression. He walked out of the kitchen and made his way to the living room.
♫Take a look at my girlfriend. She’s the only one I got. ♫
It was louder than before. He stood at the entrance of the living room and stared at the spectacle in front of him. Jessica was dancing with Jay and Miranda was dancing with Brianna and then it switched up. Each girl stealing someone’s dance partner calling them their girlfriend and singing along with the song.
D.J. stood there for a second disturbed. He went back to the kitchen. “I’ll take that coffee now.” Johnathan laughed and poured him a cup.
“How long have they been doing this?” D.J. asked.
“Since about 5:45.” Drake answered.
“Why so early?” D.J. asked, slightly amused.
“They say that they want to go shopping and because the closest shopping center is miles away, they say they need an early start.” Johnathan responded as he pulled out a box of toaster pastries, handed each man a pack, and tossed each an orange.
The music stopped. “Oh god, they smell food.” Drake groaned. He took his orange and held it out in front of him. The others watched. Like a shark, Miranda came into the kitchen, grabbed the orange and left. Drake followed after.
Jay entered the kitchen and began to fix herself some tea. “Does anyone else want any?” Jay asked.
“Is it sweet tea?” Jessica asked, walking into the kitchen arm linked with Brianna.
“Then I don’t want any.”  Jessica said with a face of disgust.
Jessica went over to D.J. and rested on him.
Brianna took a sip of Spikes coffee. “Mmm, is there anymore?”
“No more coffee for you.” Spike said taking his coffee back.
“So there is more!” Brianna said, heading to the cabinet to get the container. Spike walked over and grabbed the container holding it up in the air.
“Give it!” Brianna demanded. Spike just went back to leaning against the counter and finished his coffee.
Brianna tried to reach the container and failed. She looked over to Jessica who in return looked at D.J.. D.J. reached up, grabbed the container, handed it to Brianna, and leaned back against the counter pulling Jessica back into his embrace.
Spike snapped his head in D.J.’s direction. “Why?”
“She’s like Jessica’s daughter and I’d rather face your wrath than Jessica’s. I have three daughters to take care of.” D.J. said hugging Jessica close to him.
Brianna laughed. “Thanks Dad!”
Spike scowled.
“You’ve had three cups since I’ve been up but she can’t have a cup?” D.J. asked.
“She’s going to be too damn hyper all day.” Spike groaned.
“And night!” Brianna said skipping out of the room. A few seconds later she ran back “D.J., if you don’t stop cuddling on Jessica like that, you’ll have more than three daughters to take care of.”
“Porn.” Miranda yelled from half way across the house.
“Yep.” Brianna said running back out of the room. “Hurry, hurry everybody! We need to leave!”
Spike washed the dishes and put them up muttering every swear word there ever was before going to get ready. Jay left the kitchen in search of Johnathan.
“They make no sense as a couple.” D.J. stated.
Jessica let out a yawn. “Compared to Drake and Miranda and Ajeea and Johnathan, yes they make no sense. It’s the small things that make them work, like Spike cleaning, if he was messy, Brianna might kill him.”
D.J. crossed his arms. “I still don’t see it.”
“Opposites attract? I don’t know what goes on in their little brains! Who knows, maybe you’ll think of a reason.”
D.J. followed Jessica back to the room, deep in thought, and closed the door behind him before excitedly shouting “Coffee!"



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