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“Jay, how long do you think we’ll be here?” Johnathan asked, almost whining.
“D.J., why wouldn’t you let me drive?” Miranda asked.
“I don’t feel like dying today.” D.J. said gripping the steering wheel tighter at the thought of Miranda driving.
“I don’t drive that bad.” Miranda said, turning her imaginary steering wheel.
“Yeah. You’re also not a closet perv.” Jessica said sarcastically.
Drake raised an eyebrow in amusement as Brianna choked on the water she was drinking.
Jay leaned toward Johnathan. “Was there truth in her statement?”
“I have no idea” Johnathan whispered in response.
“Shut up! At least I’m not an open pervert!” Miranda snapped.
“Must be talking about you, Brianna.” Jessica said.
“At least I don’t hump the air when I Boom Shakalaka!” Brianna sneered.
“What are you talking about? Everyone humps the air when they Boom Shakalaka!” Jessica shouted.
“Ajeea, shouldn’t you do something?” Johnathan asked, concerned.
“Nah, just let them troll each other.” Jay said while trying to rest her eyes.
Drake leaned over toward Spike. “Can girls Boom Shakalaka?”
“I don’t know, but when I Boom Shakalaka the air is not being humped.” Spike responded, laughing.
“Drake, stop being a pervert!” Miranda scolded.
“That was Spike” he whined.
“Don’t back talk to my baby!” Jay said and shoved Miranda into her boobs.
“Spike, don’t talk about my other half like that!” Brianna nagged.
“I didn’t say anything bad about myself.” Spike grinned.
“You aren’t my other half! Jessica, I love you.” Brianna, sitting in the back, said, reaching for Jessica.
Jessica, sitting in the front seat, reached toward Brianna. “I love you too.”
“I’m sorry I talked about your dance. I actually love your Boom Shakalaka motion.” Brianna said, sobbing.
“I love it too.” Jessica said, also sobbing.
Miranda tried to escape Jay’s death grip, but failed. “What are they doing? Miranda’s muffled voice came out.
Jay’s grip tightened. “Shhh love and go to sleep, do not worry about them.” Jay said trying to sleep still.
“If she shouldn’t worry about them, I will.” Drake said.
“I said SHHHHHH!” Jay said, finally allowing Miranda to breathe.
“Have a good nap Jay.” D.J. whispered as the van became silent except for the sobs of the two ‘lovers’.
“AHH I can’t breathe!” A muffled sound came out as Jay woke up from her nap. Miranda took a step back and Jay was able to breathe again.
“What was that for?” Jay whined.
“We’re here.” Miranda replied.
“Why did you suffocate me with your boobs though?” Jay said, frowning.
“Revenge.” Miranda said with an evil smile before skipping her way to the rest.
The guys accumulated behind the vehicle, after being pushed by Johnathan to do so.
“I have an idea.” Johnathan whispered.
“Buy porn? Film it?” D.J. asked eagerly.
         “We know where your mind is…” Drake muttered. 
        Johnathan smacked the back of D.J.’s head. “No. Now listen, let’s show them how they usually are.”
       “Like, record them?” Drake said.
      “No, be them, do to them what they do to us.” Johnathan stated, looking to everyone for approval.
       D.J. laughed, pointing at Drake and Spike. “You two have fun. Johnathan and I, we got this.”
       Drake grimaced. “Miranda. Is. Going. To. Murder. Me.”
      “That means you’re going to do it! Let’s go!” D.J. exclaimed before heading over to Jessica. “My love, where would you like to go first?”
       Drake leaned over to Spike and whispered “Has he started? Is that it?”
       Spike grinned. “Just wait.”
      “Umm… I’m not sure…” Jessica starts to think and suddenly D.J. squeals.
     “OH MY GOSH THERE IS A NEW ONEREPUBLIC CD OUT COME ON! LET’S GO! EEEEEE RYAN TEDDER!” D.J. grabs Jessica’s hand and skips through the parking lot before disappearing into the store.
     “What was that?” Miranda asks, slightly disgusted.
     “A damn six foot tall man and his boothang skipping through a parking lot.” Brianna responded.
     “Okay. That was weird.” Jay says, trying to erase what she just witnessed from her mind. “So, what would you like to do, Johnathan?”
    Johnathan’s eyebrows furrow over his now squinted eyes as his mouth forms a creepy smile. “Jay~ Let’s go buy some tea~”
     “Johnathan, what’s wrong with you?” Jay asked.
     “Nothing~ my dear~” Johnathan said going in for a hug. He kissed her on the cheek and linked arms with her. “Let’s go~”
“Miranda, we’re going to the game store.” Drake said.
“But I’m hungry.” Miranda said patting her tummy.
“I don’t care. Let’s go.” Drake glared.
“YOU DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!” Miranda shouted before attacking. Boulders and waves of water appeared out of nowhere, crashing into Drake.
“He tried.” Spike said under his breath.
“Did you say something honey?” Brianna asked when she finally stopped laughing.
“No, my dear. What would you like to do, my darling dear?”
         "I want to buy clothes....or things for my home~" Brianna said grabbing Spikes hand, ready to go.
         Spike hurried alongside "Will these things be glittery?"
         "Of course!" Brianna laughed.
         "Yay! Let’s buy unicorn things too! Aaaaiii so cute~" Spike exclaimed in a cringe worthy voice.



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