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-In the shopping center-

"What kind of tea would you like~?" It had been over five minutes and Johnathan’s facial expression hadn't changed.
"It would be easier to decide if you would stop looking like that." Jay said keeping her distance.
Johnathan stepped closer "But this face shows my love for you because I loooove yooouuuu."
"If you don't stop making that face, you're paying for all of the tea!"
Johnathan took the packages out of Jay’s hand and planted another kiss on her cheek quickly putting on the creeper face again "I was gonna pay for it anyway~".
"Somebody help me." Jay whimpered.

"Jessica. Jessica. Jessica. Jessica! I found the CD!" D.J. said gently punching Jessica's arm.
"OW. Okay, that's nice." Jessica said starting to punch back. "Let's go find Miranda!"
"As soon as I pay, my love." D.J. said making his way to the register.
On their way out the door they saw Drake and Miranda. "Miranda! Over here!" D.J. called out. D.J. ran over and pinched Miranda's cheeks.
"What is wrong with you?" Miranda asked slapping his hands away.
"What's wrong with him?" Jessica asked pointing to a sulking Drake.
"I'm the boss." Miranda stated.
"Awwwww poor baby" Jessica said patting Drake’s face.
"Awwww poor baby." D.J. said patting Drake’s face.
"I'll kill you." Responded Drake; glaring at a now laughing D.J.
When he finally stopped laughing, D.J. patted Drake on the back "You tried."
"Where were you guys going?" D.J. asked bouncing up to Miranda.
Miranda looked at him and turned to Jessica "We were about to go eat. Wanna come?"
"Yeah." Jessica said shaking her head at D.J's strange behavior.
-In the food court-
"Stop pinching my cheeks!" Jessica shouted.
"But they are pinchable!" D.J. said laughing at the irritated person in front of him.
Aware that anything done would only amuse him, she gave up and glared.
"Awwwww come here my love." D.J. said pulling Jessica into a hug.
Miranda gagged and turned to Drake. "I'm still hungry. Buy me more food."
Drake looked at Miranda, completely un-amused. "Are you serious?"
Miranda widened her eyes. "Please."
Drake got up and obeyed. He returned with a mound of food, handing Miranda half.
"Why did I have to say please if you were going to go get yourself more?" Miranda asked before stuffing her face.
"You never say please. I took advantage of the opportunity."
"I wonder where the others are." Jessica said trying to escape D.J.'s grip.
D.J. smirked and closed the space between their faces. "You shouldn't be wondering where they are, you should be more concerned about where I'm about to take you."
A short employee with a disgusted expression, nametag: Tiara, walked up and pushed them away from each other "This is a public location. Please keep public displays of affection to a minimum. K thanks."
"Later." D.J. whispered. Jessica's eyes widened. She grabbed her cell phone and called Brianna.
"Hello~" a strange voice came through.
"Oh no dear, this is Spi~ke"
"Spike... Where's Brianna?"
"She's trying something on, but you can talk to me~"
Jessica rolled her eyes "Spike, the man-woman voice does not suit you."
"Why, whatever do you mean, I always sound like this~"
"Spike, my heart, who are you talking to?" Brianna asked.
"Sica Boo, my darling dear~"
"Give me the phone honey pie~" Brianna said holding her hand out. "Thank you my precious love. You can try your clothes now!"
"Brianna?" Jessica asked hoping Spike was gone.
"Oh thank God it's you this time."
"Do you need something?" Brianna asked.
"I need a support system and someone to scream at. Where are you?"
"I'll go out and find you, where are you?"
"Food court."
"Be right there~ Spi~ke my darling love, I'm leaving you. I'll be back later." Brianna said before going to see Jessica.
"Brianna! There you are!" Jessica ran to give Brianna a hug. "Girl, let me tell you."
"Brianna, where's Spike?" Drake asked.
"Just call him on his cell." Brianna said before pulling Jessica aside to talk.
"I'll call him." D.J. said pulling out his phone.
"I'll call Jonathan." Drake said pulling out his.
"Hello~" Spike answered.
D.J. Started laughing.
"Shut up. What the hell do you want?"
"You can stop now. I'm tired of doing this and I think we succeeded in creeping them out. Drake and I decided that we should take them out tonight.”
“K.” Spike said hanging up.
“Jessica love,” D.J. called out. “Let’s go get something nice to wear.”
“We’ll go with you.” Miranda said finishing up her food.
“Johnathan and Jay will meet us in a few minutes.” Drake said throwing the trash away. “Where’d Brianna go?”
Jessica pointed in the direction she went. “She went running back to ‘her love’.”
D.J. grabbed Jessica’s hand “At least I’m already with mine.”

-Back at the house, preparing to leave for dinner-
“Is everyone ready? We should get going!” Jessica shouted.
“You guys can go, we’ll head out later.” Spike shouted from his room.
“No, we are going now. You look fine sweetie~” Brianna said through the door.
Spike sighed as he cracked open the door, stepping out in all white.
“I feel like a marshmallow.”
“But you look so nice! Sexy marshmallow.” Brianna squealed. “White looks so nice!”
D.J. laughed. “Let’s go sexy marshmallow!”
“Aw everyone looks so pretty~” Jay said flailing. “Jessica!”
Jessica turned quickly trying to figure out what was wrong.
“YO BOOBS LOOK HUGE.” Jay and Brianna said in unison.
“I agree” said D.J. reaching for them.
“Nope!” Jessica said and hurried out the door.
“Get a room, D.J.” Miranda said.
“I’m working on that.” D.J. laughed.
Miranda pushed Drake out of the house. “Come on Drake, you don’t need to see this kind of thing. It might scar you.”
Everyone followed them out.
When they arrived to the restaurant and were seated a waitress came over. “Hello, my name is Allison and I’ll be your waitress. What can I get you to drink?”
Everyone answered.
“I will be right back.”
“We know what we want to eat too.” Miranda said calling her back.
Everyone ordered and was pleased when the food came out quickly.
“Spike, don’t drop anything on your clothes.” Brianna said placing a napkin in his lap.
“Yeah, Sexy marshmallow, be careful.” D.J. teased.
“Drako Jr., stop that and eat your food.” Jessica hissed.
“Yes ma’am”
“So, Sexy Marshmallow,” Jessica began before taking a sip of her tea. “When did you get those clothes?”
D.J. held back his laughter.
“We got them today! Doesn’t my darling honey love look ni~ce?” Brianna said, rubbing Spike’s face.
“Yes, very nice.” Jessica said while laughing. “Spike, what is your favorite color? I’m sure it’s not white.”
“Oh! He likes---”
“Grey. My favorite color is grey.” Spike interjected.
“White can brighten up your life!” Brianna said eagerly trying to sell the color.
“You brighten up my life.” Spike said, poking Brianna’s cheek.
“Someone’s trying to get laid.” D.J. muttered.
“Did you say something D.J.?” Jessica asked.
“Jessica, you brighten my world. Baby, you light up my world like nobody else.” D.J. said while wrapping an arm around Jessica.
“Now who’s trying to get laid?” Spike muttered.
“Awww, D.J.” Jessica said while trying not to giggle.
Johnathan gave Jay a kiss on the cheek and whispered his love to her.
Drake looked at Miranda. “Miranda, you—“
“Don’t finish that statement. Eat your food.” Miranda commanded.
After they finished, they piled in the vehicle and discussed the next day’s plans.
“Tomorrow the guys decide what will be done.” Johnathan stated, looking rather pleased.
“They will probably rent porn and watch it together.” Jay whispered to Miranda.
“We will not!” Johnathan said glaring in their direction. Jay and Miranda laughed.
“They will probably watch each other.” Jessica said, laughing.
“If that’s the case, could you film it so we can watch later?” Brianna asked with a straight face.
Jessica began laughing harder.
D.J. sighed. All of the other males had gone silent. “If you guys want us to, I suppose we will film it.” D.J. said with a serious expression.
Jessica laughed to the point of tears and regular conversation took over.
“Wake up honey and put on some comfortable clothes.” D.J. said poking Jessica’s shoulder.
“Stop poking me! What time is it?” Jessica asked trying to open her eyes.
“It’s 5:00 a.m..”
“Forget it.” Jessica said rolling back over.
“Come on. It’s the guys choice today, you guys woke us up with loud music at least we are being civilized about it.”
“Ain’t nothin’ civilized about five in the mornin’.” Jessica said throwing the pillow over her head.
“Please, my love?” D.J. tried using puppy dog eyes.
“Don’t ‘my love’ me. It’s too early.” Jessica moved the pillow from her head. “I’ll get up if Brianna is up. Go see if she’s up and ready.”
D.J. got up and left the room.
“Ain’t no way she’ll be up this early for no good reason.” Jessica muttered and tried to go back to sleep. She heard the door open.
D.J. stepped in the room. “She’s up.”
Brianna peeped her head in the room “Yes, I am.” She said a little too happy for Jessica’s taste.
“DAMN EARLY RISING PEOPLE PLEASING ASSBUTT.” Jessica shouted. D.J. dropped to the floor and Brianna ran back down the hallway as a pillow flew across the room.
“I love you honey~” D.J. said quietly, rising from the floor.
“Hush up and fix me breakfast”
“Of course, my love.”
“Ah, you’re up. Here you go sweetie.” D.J. said handing Jessica a plate of fruit and bacon.
“Oh. Bacon. Yum.” Jessica said taking the plate.
“You should thank me. Originally you were just going to get fruit.” Miranda said gnawing on some bacon herself.
“Why are we all dressed like we are going to the gym? We aren’t going to the gym are we?” Jessica said disgusted.
“Today is all about fitness!” Johnathan said.
“You can go to the gym at home!” Jessica said finishing off the bacon.
“You could have gone shopping at home.” Johnathan replied.
“I’m not complaining. Sweatpants are a wonderful thing.” Brianna said, not looking at Jessica.
“I agree they are quite comfort--” Jessica followed Brianna’s line of gaze. “YOU PERVERT!”
“They have nice butts.” Brianna said, still staring.
“Why are you still looking?” Jessica asked, now red after gazing at the rear ends for herself.
“Why are you still looking?” Brianna said teasingly.
Jessica cleared her throat. “So how are we doing this fitness thing?”
“First we are going on a run and when we reach the park we will work on the abdominal area. After that we will run back, eat lunch and drive to the gym to work on the arms.” D.J. said throwing a few water bottles in his pack.
“...assbutt assbutt assbutt…everyone’s and assbutt.” Jessica said putting her plate in the sink.
“Let’s go before they change their minds.” Johnathan said heading out.
“I ain’t runnin.” Jessica said sitting back down.
“D.J. that’s a nice ass you have there! I bet it would look great on a horse.” Brianna said running out the door. Jessica bolted after her.
“Well that worked.” Jae said heading out.
“…I wonder if my ass would look good on a horse…” Drake mumbled.
“Drake your ass would look better on a rhinoceros.” Spike said jogging out the door.
“Gee, thanks.” Drake hissed.
“I think your butt would look great running, now let’s go.” Miranda said pushing both D.J. and Drake out the door.
“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Spike said going through the parks gate.
“Shut up. You cheated.” D.J. said.
“SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE!!!” Brianna shouted still running from Jessica.
“Brianna…..dearest….what did you do?” Spike asked, more amused than concerned.
“Dude, you don’t want to know, I don’t even want to know.” D.J. said as he ran to catch up with them forcing, himself between the two. “EXERCISE TIME YOU GUYS!”
“Not until I kill her.” Jessica said trying to get around D.J..
“Aw, come on love, if you exercise maybe you will get to see me on the horse.”
Brianna fell to the ground laughing and Jessica started beating her. Jae made her way over.
“I will get you for this.” Jessica said before storming off to meet the rest of the group. “Beating me wasn’t enough?” Brianna said as Jae began healing her.
“Let’s go exercise with the rest!” Jae said when Brianna was healed.
----- After an hour----
“Let’s head back!” Drake called out.
“I don’t want to run anymore, carry me.” Miranda said, poking Drake in the side. Drake lowered himself and Miranda climbed on his back.
D.J. did the same for Jessica. “Come on love. Free ride.”
“Yay, no running!” said Jessica, eager to get back to the cabin.
“ Jae~” Johnathan said motioning for her to grab on.
“Spi~ke, come here honey~~~” Brianna called. Spike walked over. “Climb on~”
“That’s embarrassing.” Spike said refusing.
“No it’s not!”
“Yes it is…”
“No it’s no-” Spike threw Brianna over his shoulder and caught up with the rest of the group.
“No, you just want to torment me.” Spike said.
“Put me down…..never mind. Don’t put me down.” Brianna said, amused with the view.
“Why the sudden change of heart?” Spike asked.
“She thirsty.” Jessica said grinning.
Spike put Brianna down and reached in his bag. “Here’s some water sweetie.”
Jessica and D.J. began laughing.
“What is so funny?” Spike said genuinely lost as to what was going on.
“Nothing man, let’s just go.” D.J. said, still laughing.
They reached the cabin and refueled themselves with fruit.
“Meat! Where is the meat?” Miranda squeaked poking everyone she passed in the side.
“Bacon, I will make you bacon!” Brianna said, heading back to the kitchen. Miranda latched onto her waiting for the food.
When Miranda finished they headed to the gym.
As they walked into the building Spike stopped. “Here is some water, we don’t want you to be thirsty.”
Jessica and D.J. laughed as they passed by.
“….Thanks my darling love.” Brianna said trying to hold back her own laughter.
“Aw he does have a caring side. He didn’t catch the joke but at least he has a caring side.” D.J. said to Jessica as they entered the building.
Jae, Miranda, and Jessica went to the treadmills.
“Where did the guys go?” Jae asked.
“No one cares.” Miranda stated.
“Where’s Brianna?”
“Exploring.” Miranda responded. “Jessica what are you looking at?”
“Shhh, Just watch.” Jessica said concentrating. She raised her hand and lowered it.
Miranda and Jae followed her gaze to Johnathan.
“These are easier than I remember.” Johnathan said, slightly confused.
“Maybe you’ve gotten stronger.” D.J. said, laughing. “Hey Drake, look at Mr. Muscles.”
“Why?” Drake said getting up to see what D.J. was talking about.
Jessica put her hand back to her side. The weight started to go down and D.J. caught it with one hand.
“D.J. you don’t need to show off, we already know you can lift everything in here with one hand.” Drake said before going back to his spot. “Don’t waste my time.”
Miranda and Jae started laughing.
“Revenge for what they did to us yesterday.” Jessica said as she changed the setting on the treadmill.
After 3 hours the guys headed over to the treadmills followed by Brianna.
“I see no physical difference in any of them.” Miranda said.
“I feel the pain of a difference.” Brianna said, sadly patting her behind.
“Where did you go?” Jae asked Brianna.
“I explored and then decided to work on my lack of butt.” Brianna said poking Ajeea’s butt.
Miranda poked Brianna’s butt “Could use more work.”
“It really could.” Jessica said.
“We’re going fishing now, love.” D.J. said hugging Jessica from behind. “You ready?”
“Finally something I like.” Jessica said “Let’s go.”
“I’m glad you like it. What we catch will be dinner.” Drake said.
“I guess I’m going to starve.” Brianna muttered.
“Let’s go! We need to find a good spot.” Miranda said, trying to hurry the sluggish group.
“I’m fishin’ in the shade.” Jessica said.
“I’ll stay with Jessica.” Brianna said plopping down, already miserable from what she knew was going to happen.
“Have fun!” D.J. said following the others.
After a while the others came back. “How did you do?” Jae asked.
“I caught a lot, but they were all babies.” Jessica said, happy that she, at least, caught fish.
“We caught a lot too, all adults.” D.J. said. “I caught one for you.”
“…..um….why is Brianna…glittering?” Drake asked Miranda. Everyone looked over to see a metallic fog surround Brianna.
“She didn’t catch any fish.” Spike said eyes widened.
“I’ve seen her use the glitter before but I haven’t seen this.” D.J. said, pulling Jessica to his side. “Why is she—“
“We’ve angered the unicorn.” Spike said.
“Oh.” Everyone said in unison.
“Brianna~ Honey~ You don’t have to go full unicorn to catch a fish. Calm down~ I will catch a fish for you, okay?” Spike said getting ready to do as he had said.
“I want to catch it myself.” Brianna hissed and shot what seemed like a rope of glitter into the lake. She pulled out a fish and threw it into her bucket. Slowly the metallic fog disappeared.
“I caught one!” Brianna said clapping for herself. “Can we eat now?”
“I thought unicorns were supposed to be friendly.” Jae said pushing Johnathan in front of her.
“You haven’t seen the unicorn. You don’t want to see the unicorn. Let’s go before we see the unicorn.” Spike said hurrying everyone along.
“I’ll start a fire so we can cook the fish.” Drake said while putting the wood into formation.
“You mean we aren’t cooking in the kitchen?” Jessica asked.
“Nope.” Drake said before blowing fire onto the sticks. A gust of wind quickly blew it out. “Johnathan, why are you an ass?” Drake blew more fire onto the sticks.
Johnathan laughed and walked away.
“I’m cooking!” D.J. said, running over with the fish. “We have a big day tomorrow, the rest of you shouldn't try to cook and give us food poison.”
“Gee thanks.” Miranda said before picking up a book to read.
“When do we eat?” Jessica asked.
“It will be done soon, kitty~” D.J. said excitedly
“I’m going to take a nap, wake me up when it’s finished please, somebody~” Brianna said, laying a blanket on the ground.
“Why are you taking a nap? Is it so you can stay up all night?” Jessica asked with a grin.
Spike went inside. “I see you caught that one, Spike!” Jessica shouted after him.
“GOOD NIGHT, JESSICA.” Brianna said.
“No revenge is as good as the verbal kind.” Jessica chuckled.
After Miranda finished her manga, the food was finished.
“Food’s ready!” D.J. shouted. “Princess, come get your food~”
“You sicken me.” Spike said to D.J. after he called Jessica over. “Princess? What kind of buttering up are you trying to do?”
“Thank you.” Jessica said taking a plate.
“Anything for my princess.” D.J. smiled lovingly.
Spike rolled his eyes and handed out the food.
When everyone finished, Brianna and Ajeea cleaned up while everyone went inside.
“Are you ready for tomorrow, Jae?” Brianna asked when they headed inside.
“Yep. We should sleep.” Jae said. “Goodnight.”

“Wake up! It’s time to go!” Jessica squealed as she knocked on everyone’s door.
“Jessica, my goodness, don’t you think you are being a bit loud?” D.J. asked.
“No! So let’s go!”
Once everyone was ready they piled in the vehicle and left for the valley. When they reached the destination, D.J. parked and they got out.
“We are here. Now let’s go find these animals.” D.J. said happily.
“Okay.” Miranda said wandering off.
After two hours of roaming they all stopped.
Jessica leaned toward D.J. “D.J., remember a few days ago when you wanted to know why they made since?”
“That! When she says things like that! That is why they make since.” Jessica said.
“The buffalo are over here!” Johnathan said pointing toward a pond.
“Yay! Let’s set up!” Jessica said practically skipping to the location.
Keeping a safe distance, they set up and Jessica began to play.
“Marchin On.” D.J. said to himself and began humming along.
When she finished, everyone clapped quietly. D.J. walked over to Jessica.
“That was great honey. Jessica, could you play this please, my love?” D.J. asks.
“Sure.” Jessica places the sheet music on her stand and begins.
D.J. starts singing. “Love, oh baby my girl Geudaen naui juhnbu nunbushige areumdawoon. Naui shinbu shini jushin suhnmul. Haengbokhangayo geudaeui ggaman nunesuh nunmuri heureujyo. Ggaman muhri pappuri dwel ddaeggajido. Naui sarang naui geudae saranghal guhseul na maengsehalgeyo. Geudaereul saranghandaneun mal pyuhngsaeng maeil haejugo shipuh.” Still singing, D.J. pulled out a small box and kneeled in front of Jessica. “Would you marry me?”
“Jay, how long do you think we’ll be here?” Johnathan asked, almost whining.
“D.J., why wouldn’t you let me drive?” Miranda asked.
“I don’t feel like dying today.” D.J. said gripping the steering wheel tighter at the thought of Miranda driving.
“I don’t drive that bad.” Miranda said, turning her imaginary steering wheel.
“Yeah. You’re also not a closet perv.” Jessica said sarcastically.
Drake raised an eyebrow in amusement as Brianna choked on the water she was drinking.
Jay leaned toward Johnathan. “Was there truth in her statement?”
“I have no idea” Johnathan whispered in response.
“Shut up! At least I’m not an open pervert!” Miranda snapped.
“Must be talking about you, Brianna.” Jessica said.
“At least I don’t hump the air when I Boom Shakalaka!” Brianna sneered.
“What are you talking about? Everyone humps the air when they Boom Shakalaka!” Jessica shouted.
“Ajeea, shouldn’t you do something?” Johnathan asked, concerned.
“Nah, just let them troll each other.” Jay said while trying to rest her eyes.
Drake leaned over toward Spike. “Can girls Boom Shakalaka?”
“I don’t know, but when I Boom Shakalaka the air is not being humped.” Spike responded, laughing.
“Drake, stop being a pervert!” Miranda scolded.
“That was Spike” he whined.
“Don’t back talk to my baby!” Jay said and shoved Miranda into her boobs.
“Spike, don’t talk about my other half like that!” Brianna nagged.
“I didn’t say anything bad about myself.” Spike grinned.
“You aren’t my other half! Jessica, I love you.” Brianna, sitting in the back, said, reaching for Jessica.
Jessica, sitting in the front seat, reached toward Brianna. “I love you too.”
“I’m sorry I talked about your dance. I actually love your Boom Shakalaka motion.” Brianna said, sobbing.
“I love it too.” Jessica said, also sobbing.
Miranda tried to escape Jay’s death grip, but failed. “What are they doing? Miranda’s muffled voice came out.
Jay’s grip tightened. “Shhh love and go to sleep, do not worry about them.” Jay said trying to sleep still.
“If she shouldn’t worry about them, I will.” Drake said.
“I said SHHHHHH!” Jay said, finally allowing Miranda to breathe.
“Have a good nap Jay.” D.J. whispered as the van became silent except for the sobs of the two ‘lovers’.
“AHH I can’t breathe!” A muffled sound came out as Jay woke up from her nap. Miranda took a step back and Jay was able to breathe again.
“What was that for?” Jay whined.
“We’re here.” Miranda replied.
“Why did you suffocate me with your boobs though?” Jay said, frowning.
“Revenge.” Miranda said with an evil smile before skipping her way to the rest.
The guys accumulated behind the vehicle, after being pushed by Johnathan to do so.
“I have an idea.” Johnathan whispered.
“Buy porn? Film it?” D.J. asked eagerly.
         “We know where your mind is…” Drake muttered. 
        Johnathan smacked the back of D.J.’s head. “No. Now listen, let’s show them how they usually are.”
       “Like, record them?” Drake said.
      “No, be them, do to them what they do to us.” Johnathan stated, looking to everyone for approval.
       D.J. laughed, pointing at Drake and Spike. “You two have fun. Johnathan and I, we got this.”
       Drake grimaced. “Miranda. Is. Going. To. Murder. Me.”
      “That means you’re going to do it! Let’s go!” D.J. exclaimed before heading over to Jessica. “My love, where would you like to go first?”
       Drake leaned over to Spike and whispered “Has he started? Is that it?”
       Spike grinned. “Just wait.”
      “Umm… I’m not sure…” Jessica starts to think and suddenly D.J. squeals.
     “OH MY GOSH THERE IS A NEW ONEREPUBLIC CD OUT COME ON! LET’S GO! EEEEEE RYAN TEDDER!” D.J. grabs Jessica’s hand and skips through the parking lot before disappearing into the store.
     “What was that?” Miranda asks, slightly disgusted.
     “A damn six foot tall man and his boothang skipping through a parking lot.” Brianna responded.
     “Okay. That was weird.” Jay says, trying to erase what she just witnessed from her mind. “So, what would you like to do, Johnathan?”
    Johnathan’s eyebrows furrow over his now squinted eyes as his mouth forms a creepy smile. “Jay~ Let’s go buy some tea~”
     “Johnathan, what’s wrong with you?” Jay asked.
     “Nothing~ my dear~” Johnathan said going in for a hug. He kissed her on the cheek and linked arms with her. “Let’s go~”
“Miranda, we’re going to the game store.” Drake said.
“But I’m hungry.” Miranda said patting her tummy.
“I don’t care. Let’s go.” Drake glared.
“YOU DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!” Miranda shouted before attacking. Boulders and waves of water appeared out of nowhere, crashing into Drake.
“He tried.” Spike said under his breath.
“Did you say something honey?” Brianna asked when she finally stopped laughing.
“No, my dear. What would you like to do, my darling dear?”
         "I want to buy clothes....or things for my home~" Brianna said grabbing Spikes hand, ready to go.
         Spike hurried alongside "Will these things be glittery?"
         "Of course!" Brianna laughed.
         "Yay! Let’s buy unicorn things too! Aaaaiii so cute~" Spike exclaimed in a cringe worthy voice.
The continuation of crack
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Jay opened the door quietly. It had been about four hours since the left and it was dark outside.
“I don’t see them.” Jay said in a hushed voice. Everyone entered the cabin quietly. “Should I knock on their door?”
“No!” Spike said sharply. Johnathan sent a glare toward Spike.
“Why so mean?” Miranda asked.
“…all of you come here…” Spike said. He started whispering to the crowd with all of their heads gathered in.
“Aw!” Jay squealed and then looked impatiently at Johnathan.
“I want to help!” Miranda, Brianna, and Drake exclaimed. Spike face palmed.
In the room, Jessica heard their voices and started to wake up. She noticed arms around her and looked up.
“Hello there.” D.J. said.
“How long have we been sleeping?” Jessica asked, yawning.
“You’ve been sleeping for about mmmm…four hours.” He said.
“I don’t want them to start thinking like perverts… I’m going to say hi.” Jessica said getting out of the bed. She walked out not realizing her appearance. When she stepped out Miranda laughed and Jay’s jaw dropped. Johnathan and Drake just stared. Brianna pressed her lips into a hard line refraining from laughing and Spike called D.J. . When D.J. came out, everyone’s expression became normal.
“…well…he did come out later…” Drake commented.
“Yeah, he could have fixed himself.” Spike said and Brianna and Miranda started laughing.
“What is so funny?” Jessica asked, lost as to what was going on.
“Your sex hair is great Sica!” Brianna laughed.
“OH MY GOD YOU PERVERTS!” Jessica screamed.
“We got you food...” Miranda said handing Jessica the bag “Good night.” Everyone went to their rooms, leaving D.J. and Jessica alone to eat.
Jessica put her hair in a ponytail. “I wonder what they got us…” D.J. said awkwardly.
They went into the kitchen. “Chinese food” Jessica said “…it’s cold”
D.J. laughed “They had to drive about 2 hours to get back from the place; I think it should be cold.”
“True… I’m going to heat it up.” Jessica put the containers in the microwave.
D.J. snuck out of his seat and stood behind Jessica, snaking his hand around her into a back hug and kissed her cheek. He rested his chin on her head.
“What do you want to do this week?” D.J. asked rocking from side to side.
Jessica giggled “I want to do something weird…yeah.” She giggled some more.
“Mmmm what?” D.J. asked still rocking.
“I want to play my violin to the wildlife!” Jessica stated. “What kind of wildlife is here?”
“ Um, cows? Bison? Bulls?... something along those lines.” D.J. said.
“Oh…that will be interesting to…” the microwave sounded.
“Food!” D.J. exclaimed. They grabbed their forks and began to eat at the table.
Jessica forcefully put the fork on the table and looked up with exaggerated irritation. “Explain why I am friends with those perverts!”
D.J. almost choked on his food laughing at the scene in front of him. “What do you mean ‘explain’? They complete you and you know it.”
This statement caused Jessica’s face to become even more distorted “You know what would complete me? Them marrying off and keeping their perverted selves to themselves.”
D.J. frowned slightly “You don’t mean that, half of it anyway.”
“Don’t tell me what I mean.” Jessica hissed.
“Alright, fine.” D.J. said lifting his hands up in surrender. “Fine, you don’t want to laugh at their ridiculousness anymore and you don’t want the world to be balanced anymore.” He put his hands back down. “I get it.”
“It would be odd,” Jessica said “but you did not win this argument.”
“I wasn’t aware that there was an argument.” D.J. smiled and finished off his food. “So, how do you plan on marrying them off?”
Jessica laughed “I won’t have to do anything to help the process; they will all get married within the next five years.”
D.J. sat there waiting for Jessica to finish and then cleaned up making sure Jessica stayed at the table and called out from the kitchen “What do you think their weddings will be like?”
“Weird. They are all weird and your friends are weird too so their weddings would be more than strange.”
D.J. sat back down at the table. “You said they’ll all get married within the next five years, what about you?”
Jessica began playing with D.J.’s fingers. “I don’t know.”
“Well would you want to get married within five years?” D.J. looked at Jessica.
“Yes, it would be nice” Jessica cocked her eyebrow. “Again with the strange behavior, since when do weddings fascinate you?”
“Well darling, our relationship won’t stay interesting if we talk about colored pencils every day.” D.J. got up. “Honey, lets go to bed, now that we know you are capable of sharing a bed with me, let’s go sleep.”
Jessica stuck her tongue out at the shared bed comment. “We just finish taking a four hour nap. We won’t be able to sleep.”
“Correction, you took a four nap, I didn’t sleep at all.” D.J. said trying to prove a point.
Jessica side eyed him. “What did you do, watch me the whole time? Creeper.”
“You were so peaceful.” D.J. said defending himself. “…and that is beside the point, we had a long car ride and it was exhausting. If you lay down you will fall asleep.” He walked over and grabbed Jessica’s hand pulling her out of her seat. “Bed time, love.”
Once Jessica finished preparing for bed, she lay down and stared at the ceiling. The door clicked.
“Oh shit” Jessica squealed as D.J. jumped on top of her smiling as wide as he could.
“Sweet dreams honey!” Drake said and kissed Jessica before rolling off of her.
Jessica hit him with a pillow. “How the hell am I supposed to have sweet dreams if you just gave me a heart attack?”
D.J. laughed “I love you baby, goodnight.”
“I love you too” and with that D.J. turned the lights off.
D.J. woke up the next morning reaching for Jessica. He patted the empty mattress beside him. “Jessica where are you?” he groaned and rolled over to look at the clock; 6:02 A.M.. “Since when do you wake up this early?”
He put on a shirt and opened the bedroom door.
♫BabaDada BabaDada BabaDada BabaDada BabaDada♫
D.J. was awake now; the loud music replaced any need for coffee. He walked into the kitchen and saw Drake, Johnathan, and Spike, still in their pajamas standing there leaning against the counter drinking coffee and glaring forward.
“Do you want some?” Johnathan offered; D.J. denied. He leaned against the counter.
“Who knows?” Spike said pouring another cup of coffee.
“All of them probably have a copy so they can listen to the song and daydream about doing that!” Drake said pointing to the living room.
D.J. looked at him with a confused expression. He walked out of the kitchen and made his way to the living room.
♫Take a look at my girlfriend. She’s the only one I got. ♫
It was louder than before. He stood at the entrance of the living room and stared at the spectacle in front of him. Jessica was dancing with Jay and Miranda was dancing with Brianna and then it switched up. Each girl stealing someone’s dance partner calling them their girlfriend and singing along with the song.
D.J. stood there for a second disturbed. He went back to the kitchen. “I’ll take that coffee now.” Johnathan laughed and poured him a cup.
“How long have they been doing this?” D.J. asked.
“Since about 5:45.” Drake answered.
“Why so early?” D.J. asked, slightly amused.
“They say that they want to go shopping and because the closest shopping center is miles away, they say they need an early start.” Johnathan responded as he pulled out a box of toaster pastries, handed each man a pack, and tossed each an orange.
The music stopped. “Oh god, they smell food.” Drake groaned. He took his orange and held it out in front of him. The others watched. Like a shark, Miranda came into the kitchen, grabbed the orange and left. Drake followed after.
Jay entered the kitchen and began to fix herself some tea. “Does anyone else want any?” Jay asked.
“Is it sweet tea?” Jessica asked, walking into the kitchen arm linked with Brianna.
“Then I don’t want any.”  Jessica said with a face of disgust.
Jessica went over to D.J. and rested on him.
Brianna took a sip of Spikes coffee. “Mmm, is there anymore?”
“No more coffee for you.” Spike said taking his coffee back.
“So there is more!” Brianna said, heading to the cabinet to get the container. Spike walked over and grabbed the container holding it up in the air.
“Give it!” Brianna demanded. Spike just went back to leaning against the counter and finished his coffee.
Brianna tried to reach the container and failed. She looked over to Jessica who in return looked at D.J.. D.J. reached up, grabbed the container, handed it to Brianna, and leaned back against the counter pulling Jessica back into his embrace.
Spike snapped his head in D.J.’s direction. “Why?”
“She’s like Jessica’s daughter and I’d rather face your wrath than Jessica’s. I have three daughters to take care of.” D.J. said hugging Jessica close to him.
Brianna laughed. “Thanks Dad!”
Spike scowled.
“You’ve had three cups since I’ve been up but she can’t have a cup?” D.J. asked.
“She’s going to be too damn hyper all day.” Spike groaned.
“And night!” Brianna said skipping out of the room. A few seconds later she ran back “D.J., if you don’t stop cuddling on Jessica like that, you’ll have more than three daughters to take care of.”
“Porn.” Miranda yelled from half way across the house.
“Yep.” Brianna said running back out of the room. “Hurry, hurry everybody! We need to leave!”
Spike washed the dishes and put them up muttering every swear word there ever was before going to get ready. Jay left the kitchen in search of Johnathan.
“They make no sense as a couple.” D.J. stated.
Jessica let out a yawn. “Compared to Drake and Miranda and Ajeea and Johnathan, yes they make no sense. It’s the small things that make them work, like Spike cleaning, if he was messy, Brianna might kill him.”
D.J. crossed his arms. “I still don’t see it.”
“Opposites attract? I don’t know what goes on in their little brains! Who knows, maybe you’ll think of a reason.”
D.J. followed Jessica back to the room, deep in thought, and closed the door behind him before excitedly shouting “Coffee!"



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